About Us

Tonez Audio Corp. isn’t just another speaker company. We offer INTELLIGENT PORTABLE AUDIO. You deserve to have the best, highest quality audio, WHEREVER you choose to listen to your music.

Poor quality, bad music files and inferior equipment have stood in the way of you and the technology you love. Our mission is to provide intelligent portable audio solutions that allow you to enjoy technology in ways you haven’t before.

Tonez Audio was Established in 2012 by a music lover frustrated with the lack of portable audio devices for his Smartphone. Unlike any other audio company whose main focus is to sell as much product as possible regardless of sound quality, our sound is handcrafted and tested by some of the world's best producers. We take extra time to personally test and use the products ourselves before going to market. All of our products are easy to use and will perform at least one additional feature, (phone charger & speakerphone, to name a few) in addition to being a clear, rich sounding speaker.

We make sure that whether you're on a phone, computer, or driving a car, you will get our signature sound and features.

Tonez Audio software is matched with all of our hardware to ensure the best sound possible, meeting or exceeding the high standards of our sound engineers. Without their individual stamp of approval, it doesn’t go out the door, period.

Tonez Audio, your INTELLIGENT PORTABLE AUDIO source.