How do I know my warranty is valid? What does the warranty cover?

As long as your Tonez Audio products were purchased from an authorized retailer, and you can provide a copy of the original sales or gift receipt, the warranty is valid from the original purchase date. The receipt validates the manufacturer's warranty, which covers any possible manufacturer defects. It does not cover abuse, lost, stolen or resold product(s).

My speaker isn’t working properly, how can I get a replacement under the manufacturer’s warranty?

If you’re located in the United States or Canada, please contact Consumer Support, to arrange a return merchandise authorization. If you are living outside of the US/Canada please see International Customer Service or contact us here for more information. 

I saw some Tonez at a discounted price on another website, are these authentic Tonez products?

If the price you see listed is suspiciously low, chances are it's a counterfeit and/ or inferior product. For a list of authorized retailers, check out this list or contact Consumer Support here.

Where can I purchase replacement parts?

Replacement parts and accessories will be on our site soon. Please check back with the online store for possible additional information. Or follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook and watch for our announcement!

Why does the CAN™ come with two cables?

The 3.5mm stereo to microUSB cable is designed for premium sound and an optimal listening experience, so if you use your CAN primarily for music and don’t want to use Bluetooth, this is the cable to use. The microUSB end of this cable serves as a audio-in on the CAN and the 3.5mm end goes directly to your device. The USB to micro USB cable is for charging and can be used with a computer or the wall & auto power adapters.

Which batteries work best?

Most Tonez Audio products come with the best type of internal, rechargeable battery technology available for such products. However, if batteries are needed in our devices, any standard AAA battery will work with your Tonez product, but for better and longer lasting performance, we recommend high-quality, high-capacity rechargeable AAA batteries. Please see product user manual for battery information.

Can I ship to multiple locations?

Each order is shipped to a single address. To ship to multiple addresses you will need to create separate orders for each location.

What if the product I want is backordered or out of stock?

We apologize for any inconvenience if the product is not available. Please check back in with the online store for possible additional information.