VISE-MAX Bluetooth Tablet Stand and Speaker with Microphone

$ 89.99

VISE-MAX is a Bluetooth, portable stand and stage for your tablet that is ideal while playing video games, riding a bike, watching movies, following along to recipes and for your personal listening pleasure.

In the grips of the VISE, your device instantly transforms into a stage to set your music free and fill a raucous room or outdoor party with enough sound to keep the mood energized. Create a home theatre audio effect while watching movies, playing games and much, much more. Made for the adventurer, but perfect for everyone from a couch-gamer to an at-home baker. The VISE quickly connects to your device via Bluetooth and allows for up to a 30 ft. range.

Enjoy multiple viewing angles with a quick adjustment of your device within the VISE grips. Its built-in microphone quickly and effortlessly allows you to make and receive calls, hold a video conference, face-time with friends, family & co-workers.

Position the VISE around your neck and wear it as a hands-free collar while you exercise, garden, hike, do chores and more! 

Folds up for travel